The Last President Worth Voting For?

Source: Law & Liberty
by Paul Moreno

“One of my colleagues, Richard Gamble, calls Grover Cleveland ‘the last President worth voting for.’ I would make a case for Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, and William Howard Taft, but Cleveland certainly was, as Troy Senik puts it in his A Man of Iron, the last Democrat ‘to embrace the classical liberal principles of the party’s founder, Thomas Jefferson.’ Senik, a media man and speechwriter for George W. Bush, makes a strong case for the restoration to public memory of the forgotten twenty-second (and twenty-fourth) President. He hits the nail on the head when he argues that we forget Cleveland because he does not meet the expectations that contemporary Americans have for the presidency. By pre-twentieth-century standards, Senik argues, he was great before the progressives established ‘the pathological way we’ve come to think about the office.'” (11/14/22)