Election 2022: Time for the “Spoiler” Whining

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Libertarian Chase Oliver garnered a little more than 2% of the vote in Georgia’s US Senate race. His efforts prevented either incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock or Republican challenger Herschel Walker from winning the election with a majority. Georgia’s election laws require such a majority, so now the election goes to a Warnock-Walker runoff. That’s how democracy works, at least in Georgia. And every time a ‘major party’ candidate loses an election or is forced into a runoff by a Libertarian, Green, or other third party or independent candidate, a festival of tears and butt-hurt ensues. This is only a ‘problem’ for those who believe that votes inherently ‘belong’ to one of the two ‘major’ parties and their candidates, and that those pesky third party and independent contenders are ‘stealing’ votes from one or the other. Votes don’t belong to parties or candidates. They belong to voters.” (11/12/22)