Why Ron DeSantis looks just like Bill Clinton in 1992

Source: New York Post
by Charles CW Cooke

“In attempting to describe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the last four years, the press has reached for a whole host of inapt comparisons: He’s Donald Trump! He’s Scott Walker! He’s Satan! But none of these seem right. Instead — and hear me out! — he may well be Bill Clinton. No, not morally. Despite Donald Trump’s grotesque insinuation that there is something ‘unflattering’ about DeSantis that only he knows about, there’s no indication that Florida’s governor is anything other than an upstanding husband and father. But, in other respects, the parallels are clear. Like Clinton, DeSantis is a young governor from the South entering his political prime against a backdrop of inertia and irritation with the status quo.” [editor’s note: But where (except on “The Good Fight”) is he accused of sexual misconduct? – SAT] [additional editor’s note: At least seemingly, on Roger Stone’s social media timeline – TLK] (11/11/22)