The Real Republican Dilemma

Source: The American Prospect
by Harold Meyerson

“Do Republicans even have a legislative agenda? As I write on Thursday afternoon, it seems increasingly plausible that they’ll narrowly control the House, and increasingly implausible that they’ll control the Senate. But if they’re in control anywhere, what is it that they propose to do—other than conduct hearings into the ‘scandals’ of the Biden regime, adhering closely to the venerable evidentiary criteria established at the Salem witchcraft trials? (If that analogy seems overblown, see: Republican Benghazi Hearings, 2013–2015, in which six (6!) separate Republican-led committees held ‘investigations.’) But legislatively? Will the incoming Republicans pursue a ban on abortion? Their all-but-official new position on that is ‘Who? Us?’ Raise taxes on the poor and middle class, as Florida Sen. Rick Scott suggested earlier this year? Whereupon Mitch McConnell almost immediately told Scott to shut up.” (11/11/22)