In latest brutal gaffe, Biden says Russia “pulling out of Fallujah”

Source: New York Post

“In an ugly Freudian slip Wednesday, President Biden accidentally said Russian troops were ‘pulling out of Fallujah’ while intending to reference the city of Kherson in southeastern Ukraine. Biden’s latest gaffe came after Russian forces leader Sergey Surovikinon announced he’d ordered his troops to retreat from one of the only major cities Russia captured after its Feb. 24 invasion. ‘I think the context is that whether or not they’re pulling back from Fallujah — from the city of Kherson — and [Russian forces] are coming back across the river to the eastern side of the [Dnieper] river,’ Biden said while answering a reporter’s question about whether Ukraine is ready to enter negotiations with Russia. In November and December 2004, Fallujah was the setting of the bloodiest urban conflict American forces had fought since the Vietnam War and is widely remembered as a key moment in the US invasion of Iraq.” (11/10/22)