Lottery accused of “systemic racism” after massive Powerball payout

Source: Fox News

“A CNN piece on Wednesday spoke with critics knocking the lottery system as a form of systemic racism that targets poor [b]lack and [b]rown communities across America. The largest Powerball jackpot lottery ticket ever was recently sold in Altadena, California, with one lucky resident winning a historic $2.04 billion. The odds were 1 in 292.2 million. Researchers told CNN that despite the extremely low chance of winning, state lotteries still aggressively market the lottery and sell tickets to low-income communities at higher rates, thus misleading Americans to believe it will help them quickly generate wealth. … Les Bernal, the national director of Stop Predatory Gambling, called the lottery a form of ‘consumer financial fraud’ and a form of ‘systemic racism.'” (11/10/22)