Our Decentralized Future

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“The bitcoin protocol is almost perfect as far as robust, secure, distributed computing protocols go: an action made on the bitcoin network cannot be reversed or forged, and every participant in the network can verify actions taken on the blockchain. When people bring up blockchain, I’ll typically respond with: ‘There’s only one blockchain. Bitcoin.’ Similarly, when people bring up ‘crypto,’ I’m quick to delineate Bitcoin from every other cryptocurrency. It can be hard to follow all this if you’re not reared in the ways of bits and bytes, so I typically keep these thoughts to myself when in polite company. If you can bear it, just trust me for the time being: Bitcoin is the only decentralized cryptocurrency in the world. All the others are trash as far as I’m concerned, and a recent event is illustrative of this.” [editor’s note: TL;DR — Hunt apparently has no idea what the words “blockchain” or “cryptocurrency” mean – TLK] (11/10/22)