More MAGA Than Ever

Source: The Atlantic
by Peter Wehner

“Many of Trump’s handpicked choices — in New Hampshire, in Georgia, in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, in Maryland — were unimaginably bad candidates. Trump kept enough attention on himself to prevent the election from being a clear-cut referendum on the unpopular incumbent. (As unpopular as Biden is, Trump is even more unpopular.) And Trump’s main imprint on the GOP — crazed conspiracy theories, dehumanizing policies, lawlessness and chaos — freaked out a lot of Americans who would otherwise have voted Republican. The conventional wisdom is that Republicans will finally break with Trump, perhaps rallying around an alternative like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis … But bear in mind that since the summer of 2015, Republicans have had countless opportunities to move on from Trump …. Republicans have always passed. In fact, the party is more MAGA friendly after his defeat in 2020 than it was during his presidency.” (11/10/22)