The British Prime Minister Who Tried to Prevent an “Impious War” Against the American Colonies

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Lawrence W Reed

“[William Pitt the Elder] is the man for whom Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is named though he never set foot in America. He masterminded Britain’s brilliant military victory in the Seven Years’ War, also known as the French & Indian War, (1756-63) and served as Prime Minister. In a long public career as a Parliamentarian, he proved himself to be incorruptible, turning down positions and opportunities that others of lesser scruples eagerly grabbed for personal aggrandizement. Long after his death in 1778, he was revered in America and regarded in his own Britain as one of the country’s most distinguished statesmen. … As the rift between America and Great Britain headed toward war, Pitt repeatedly demanded peace and liberty.” (11/10/22)