Why Political Prisoner Day matters around the world — and in my Moscow prison

Source: Washington Post
by Vladimir Kara-Murza

“There aren’t many national, let alone international, commemorative dates that originated in prisons — which makes all the more notable last week’s resolution in the U.S. Congress recognizing Oct. 30 as the International Day of Political Prisoners. The measure comes on the heels of a parallel proposal unanimously adopted earlier this year by lawmakers in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The bipartisan House resolution notes that ‘national governments and legislative bodies have an obligation to raise awareness about the plight of political prisoners’ and to work for ‘their prompt release.’ The original Political Prisoner Day was marked in the Soviet Union on Oct. 30, 1974 with hunger strikes by prisoners in several political labor camps and other detention facilities.” [editor’s note: The US Congress “recognition” would be more believable if it was accompanied by a move to release US political prisoners – TLK] (11/10/22)