Democrats Proved They Have a Bench. Now Biden Should Step Aside in 2024.

Source: The Daily Beast
by Michael Starr Hopkins

“President Biden’s most-convincing campaign argument was that only he could assemble the coalition necessary to beat Trump. Even if Trump is the 2024 GOP nominee — something that is in no way predetermined — Trump 2024 is not Trump 2020, much less 2016. He’s more beatable than ever, which makes Biden’s main qualification as a Trump-beater less exclusive. But in the event Trump is not on the ballot, Biden and his team should consider whether the results of the midterms have completely changed the political landscape. There is honor in not running for re-election. Despite the White House’s sensitivities over any pushback from fellow Democrats, they would be well served to take a compliment and a critique at the same time.” (11/10/22)