House Republican win: Victory for free speech?

Source: New York Post
By Betsy McCaughey

“Remember President Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board? It was so ridiculed that the administration quickly scaled it back and then shut it down. But beware. Biden is resorting to more secretive methods (a vast censorship operation in collusion with Silicon Valley) to tighten the screws on what Americans can say. All justified by phony FBI statistics claiming that domestic extremism is surging when it’s not. A report that Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee released Friday shows the deceptions the FBI is using to justify Biden’s speech police. The chilling brief documents, with whistleblower testimony, the FBI’s role in silencing the left’s opponents. Republicans — who likely eked out a House majority Tuesday night — are vowing to unmask Biden’s censorship scheme and the FBI’s lies.” (11/09/22)