Lockdowns Discredit Those Who Try Them, Even the CCP

Source: Brownstone Institute
by John Tamny

“Last week Shanghai Disney was locked down, so was a Foxconn plant producing Apple iPhone 14s, and on and on. Viruses aren’t ideological. They just spread. Tragic as the lockdown responses have been, there’s arguably a silver lining. The Chinese people are seeing up close just how hapless its government is in the face of a pathogen. Really, stop and contemplate the obnoxious conceit of Xi Jinping et al. for assuming that they, presumably for being the all-powerful CCP, could achieve ‘Zero-COVID.’ Paraphrasing Jeffrey Tucker, did the Chinese leadership really think that mass takings of freedom would stop nature in its tracks? The State is an abject fool, and the revelation of this truth in bright lights is one of the few positives of the tragic lapse of reason that were and are lockdowns related to the virus.” (11/09/22)