Trump Lost the Midterms. DeSantis Won.

Source: The Atlantic
by David Frum

The next big question in American politics: Is Florida’s reelected governor, Ron DeSantis, a leader or a follower, a man or a mouse? DeSantis had a big night yesterday. Now he’s preparing to seek the Republican nomination for president. Ex-President Donald Trump stands in his way, testing the slogans and insults he’ll use against DeSantis — hoping that the angry sounds will intimidate DeSantis into abandoning the impending contest before it starts. Other Republicans had a bad night yesterday. Their disappointment was very much Trump’s fault. Trump stuck them with bad candidates and bad issues: his own grievances about the election of 2020. That record should weaken Trump’s standing. But the weakening only matters if somebody uses it. … If DeSantis is in the game now, he has to play now.” (11/09/22)