New Mao Lauds Old Mao: China’s Xi Jinping Takes Politburo on Communist Road Trip

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Doug Bandow

“[Xi Jinping] demonstrated that when everyone owes you for their job, you can drag even the most senior officials, in this case fellow Politburo members, on the most embarrassing field trips imaginable, such as visiting the city of Yanan …. There, madman Mao Zedong, who led, and nearly destroyed, the People’s Republic of China from its founding until his death, was confirmed as party leader in 1945. And Xi was sent to a nearby village to be reeducated after the dismissal of his father, a one-time Mao favorite, during the Cultural Revolution. Most people who had seen their father humiliated, their family disrupted, and themselves sentenced to involuntary servitude would have rejected the system that imposed such injustices. But not Xi.” (11/09/22)