In Iran’s protests, a hidden message made clear

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“Amazingly, the protests in Iran, now the longest-running against one-man rule by a cleric, have been largely leaderless. Demonstrators have united around anger (over dress codes), slogans (‘Woman, Life, Freedom’), and shared agony over poverty and inflation. The leaderless quality, however, points to a largely unspoken theme: a desire for equality. If anyone in Iran is capable of making that point, it would be the spiritual leader of Iran’s largest religious minority, Sunni Muslims, who have long suffered under a Shiite-dominated regime. On Nov. 4, the most prominent Sunni cleric, Mowlavi Abdolhamid Esmailzehi, called for an immediate referendum to ‘change policies based on the wishes of the people.’ It was the highest-level challenge yet to the regime (and its peculiar doctrine that the Iranian people need ‘guardianship’ by a Shiite imam) since the protests began.” (11/07/22)