Joe Biden Is the King of Debt and Deficits

Source: Town Hall
by Stephen Moore

“Imagine someone close to you has a drinking problem. Night after night, he goes out to the bars on wild binges, chugging down 10 to 12 beers a night. But then, in a supreme effort to reform himself, the drunkard cuts his consumption down to a six-pack every night. He starts boasting of his amazing self-control and good behavior. That’s analogous to President Joe Biden’s tall tale that he’s one of the greatest paragons of fiscal responsibility in modern times. Here’s Biden on Oct. 21 discussing his budgetary record at a White House event. ‘Today, my administration announced that this year, the deficit fell by $1.4 trillion — the largest one-year drop in American history. Let me repeat that: the largest-ever decline in the federal deficit.’ Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.” (11/08/22)