We’re entrepreneurs, not criminals. Why did the government steal our money?

Source: Orange County Register
by Vera & Apollonia Ward

“Late last year, we hired someone to find and purchase two new dogs, and sent them $17,500 in cash via FedEx. But our money never made it. Instead, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office seized the funds at a FedEx facility in Stockton, California. Law enforcement refused to return our money, and they wrongfully accused us of drug trafficking, too. That’s when the intimidation began. Truth didn’t matter. Our innocence didn’t matter. The government had all the power, and we had no idea what to do. They gave us a choice. We could either cave in to the government’s demands, say that the money wasn’t our money, and let them keep it — or we could stand up for our rights and risk our freedom.” (11/07/22)