The US Should Support the Ukrainian Grain Deal

Source: The American Conservative
by Matthew Mai & Alex Little

“On October 29, Russia announced the indefinite suspension of its Black Sea Grain Initiative, an agreement that allows agricultural shipments to leave Ukrainian ports. The Russian government called this a retaliatory measure after blaming Ukraine for an attack on the port of Sevastopol …. Although Moscow returned to the grain deal on November 2 after receiving security assurances from the Ukrainian government that shipments would not be used for ‘military operations against the Russian Federation,’ the agreement could collapse if the parties choose not to renew it later this month. The United States did not invest any diplomatic capital to mediate the grain deal, leaving that to Turkey and the United Nations (UN). But the agreement stands as a rare example of effective cooperation between Moscow and Kiev to alleviate the stress on international agriculture markets that has hit the Global South hardest.” (11/07/22)