Kosovo: Serbs to quit state jobs over license plate row

Source: Deutsche Welle [German state media]

“Ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo said they would quit their posts in state institutions Saturday over a row about vehicle license plates. The move came after Pristina declared that around 10,000 Kosovo Serbs with license plates issued by Serbia must replace them with plates issued by Kosovo starting this month. Following a meeting of Serb political representatives, the Minister of Communities and Returns Goran Rakic said he would resign from his post in the Pristina government over the issue. He said fellow Serbs, including those in the government, police and courts would also quit their jobs. The officials also demanded the formation of a union of Serb municipalities that would give Serb-majority districts greater autonomy. Saturday’s move drew immediate alarm from the European Union, which has been mediating talks between Kosovo and Serbia to normalize relations.” (11/05/22)