Patient coaxing of peace in Ethiopia

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“On paper at least, an African war ended yesterday. The government of Ethiopia and a rebellious faction in the northern state of Tigray signed a peace agreement exactly two years after taking up arms against each other. If the agreement holds, it will mark a turning point in what the World Health Organization has called ‘the worst humanitarian crisis in the world’. From its outset, the conflict was a heart-wrenching contradiction: a war waged with seemingly gratuitous inhumanity to preserve, as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed described it, a vision of Ethiopia as ‘Africa’s bastion of peace … founded on love, shared concerns, and benefits.’ The fighting has claimed half a million lives, displaced more than 3 million people, and left 5 million on the edge of starvation, according to the United Nations. It drew in a neighboring foreign army and other armed factions from within Ethiopia at a time of acute regional drought.” (11/03/22)