WaPo Editorial Board Wants US “Beacon” for Ukraine Refugees (but Not for Haitians)

Source: In These Times
by Julie Hollar

“The notorious incident in Del Rio, Texas, where U.S. border patrol agents on horseback were photographed [supposedly] wielding long reins as whips against Haitian migrants, prompted widespread public outrage. But where Ukrainians seeking refuge in this country found a strong advocate in the Washington Post editorial board, their Haitian counterparts have received notably different treatment. It’s a fair comparison: Migrants from both countries seek protection in the United States because they fear for their lives in their home country. While Ukraine is actively at war, Haiti’s violence and instability have ebbed and flowed for decades, a result largely of foreign exploitation and intervention, compounded in recent years by devastating earthquakes and hurricanes; neither can provide a basic level of safety for their citizens today.” (11/01/22)