Declare a Real Pandemic Inquiry Instead of Amnesty

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Michael Senger

“[Y]ou don’t get to advocate policies that do extraordinary harm to others, against their wishes, then say ‘We didn’t know any better at the time!’ Ignorance doesn’t work as an excuse when the policies involved abrogating your fellow citizens’ rights under an indefinite state of emergency, while censoring and canceling those who weren’t as ignorant. The inevitable result would be a society in which ignorance and obedience to the opinion of the mob would be the only safe position. Second, ‘amnesty,’ being an act of forgiveness for past offenses, first requires an apology or act of repentance on the part of those who committed the offense. Not only has no such act of repentance been forthcoming, but in most cases, establishment voices like Oster’s have yet to stop advocating these same policies, much less admit they were wrong.” (11/02/22)