US DOJ to launch new victim disarmament operation

Source: Reuters

“The U.S. Justice Department this week is formally launching a new effort to crack down on firearms trafficking, in a strategy that involves the creation of five strike forces that will partner with local law enforcement to disrupt criminals selling guns used in crimes. The strike forces, which were first announced in June, will be concentrated in ‘significant gun trafficking corridors’ including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Justice Department officials said in a call with reporters on Wednesday that the plan entails a ‘long-term coordinated, multi-jurisdictional strategy’ to disrupt trafficking patterns. One department official said the new strategy differed from prior efforts to step up the prosecution of firearms offenses, noting it establishes ‘cross-jurisdictional coordination’ between the areas that supply the illegal [sic] firearms and those where the guns are used to commit crimes.” (07/22/21)