“Strategic Clarity” Is Just As Crazy As Ever

Source: Eunomia
by Daniel Larison

“Max Boot shows up late to the debate over Taiwan and repeats many of the same bad arguments that hawks were making almost a year ago: ‘President Biden should declare that, though we will not support a Taiwanese declaration of independence from China, we will defend the island if it is attacked. Japan, too, needs to be more explicit in its commitment to Taiwan’s defense.’ The case for ‘strategic clarity’ was not persuasive the first time, and it has not improved with repetition. Making an explicit security commitment to Taiwan would not deter a Chinese attack. It would practically guarantee one. Pledging to defend Taiwan would dramatically change the status quo that has kept the peace for more than forty years, and the Chinese government would likely feel compelled to respond to that pledge by putting it to the test.” (07/22/21)