Israel Screams for Ice Cream

by Major Danny Sjursen, US Army (retired)

“On Monday, the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream company announced that it was ending sales in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. Big whoop and so what, right? Wrong. When prominent Israeli politicians and their transnational booster-boys heard the news there’d be no more Chunky Monkey in Modi’in Illit, or Half Baked in Beitar Illit, the response was more like: Dear God! Gasp! Treachery! Oh the wretchedness! Nutty as that seems — and it is — there’s much to be gleaned from the ensuing freak out. … more than half of America’s states have passed anti-BDS laws which penalize companies that decide to boycott Israel. And speaking of hypocrisy, plenty of those states are Deep-Red-Republican ones that supposedly staunchly support the government divesting from a free economy. This then led to the absurdity-of-absurdities — a foreign foreign minister (Lapid) calling on individual American states to punish an individual ice cream company.” (07/22/21)