Why “Good” People Enable Totalitarians

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Barry Brownstein

“When a totalitarian State demands ‘worship,’ we understand why totalitarians must control the narrative. We know the Covidocracy demands allegiance to their one best way, first lockdowns and now vaccines. Dissenters must be silenced. Government claims it must maintain lists of spreaders of ‘misinformation’ and then partner with Facebook to ensure only correct ‘narratives’ are available. Health ambassadors must be sent door-to-door to share the good word about vaccines. Those who disagree must be demonized, the impure separated from society if they don’t accept a vaccine. … If freedom is under siege in America, it would be wise to quicken our intellectual pace by attending to the emerging illiberal mindset shaping citizens to enable a totalitarian social system. Forces are acting to paralyze the human spirit. We should deceive ourselves no longer. Without the consent and assistance of good people, totalitarians have no power.” (07/21/21)