The Idiocracy of America: Corporate Control Over Public Functions

Source: Common Dreams
by Jeffrey D Sachs

“The hilarious 2006 film ‘Idiocracy’ offers a vivid depiction of American politics. The movie is classified as a sci-fi comedy, but it is more like a searing documentary. It almost perfectly describes America’s crisis of survival today. In ‘Idiocracy,’ set 500 years in the future, America is suffering from famine. Every public function has been turned over to some self-serving corporate interest. A fruit-drink company controls crop irrigation, and the nation’s crops are being poisoned by the fruit drink. In the meantime, the public is kept in a state of abject ignorance and distraction by demolition derbies, drugs, and debauchery. The nation is saved when an average Joe, miraculously resuscitated from the distant past, reintroduces clean water to the crops …. Which brings us to America’s idiocracy in 2021. Our most important public functions are handed over to corporate sponsors.” (07/21/21)