Tesla lowers the price of its “Full Self-Driving” computer upgrade

Source: Engadget

“After criticism from owners, Tesla has reduced the price of a computer update required for its new ‘Full Self-Driving’ (FSD) feature, Electrek has reported. The hardware HW 3.0 update will now cost $1,000 rather than $1,500, a 33 percent drop in price. To get the feature, owners will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of up to $199 on top of that, or $10,000 all in one shot. Tesla famously said in 2016 that all its EVs produced going forward would have full self-driving hardware. However, it eventually found that a computer update would be needed on older vehicles and started shipping later models with the new HW 3.0 hardware. However, owners of Tesla models produced between late 2016 and mid-2019 were shocked to get hit with a $1,500 hardware upgrade bill on top of the cost of the FSD upgrade.” (07/21/21)