Why we must resist the New Normal

Source: spiked
by Frank Furedi

“It can often seem that the New Normal is a way for certain sections of society to advance their pre-existing visions of how things ought to be. For some economists, for example, the New Normal means the restructuring of capitalism. … This is an outlook advocated by the globalist oligarchs of the World Economic Forum, in the shape of its so-called Great Reset. This is the WEF’s attempt to put a positive spin on the New Normal. It claims the application of new technology under the benevolent guidance of technocratic experts will create a more just world. The political New Normal shares some aspects with the WEF’s vision. Like the WEF, those arguing for a New Normal politics want to subordinate democratic decision-making to technocratic expertise. In particular, they believe that public-health experts should have a far greater say in the management of society.” (07/21/21)