Canada’s Wait Times for Healthcare Are Huge. Activists Blame Free Markets.

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Trevor Schleihauf

“For the past sixteen months, headlines have been broadcast across our televisions cautioning us that the elderly and vulnerable populations are most at risk of this life-threatening COVID-19 virus if we do not stop the spread. Despite the preventative measures, long-term care (LTC) homes have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. In Ontario, of the approximately nine thousand deaths in the province, 41 percent, occurred in these homes. The public response to this tragedy has become a growing outcry to ‘nationalize’ or rather have the province make all residences publicly funded and controlled. The worst part of this rallying cry, noble as it may be, is the assumption that LTC homes are private to begin with. In reality, the only thing ‘private’ about long-term care homes is their name.” (07/21/21)