Do You Really Want the IRS Preparing Your Taxes?

Source: National Review
by David Harsanyi

“The optimal amount an American should pay in taxes is the absolute bare minimum permissible under the law. Every single ‘loophole’ should be vigorously explored. Because every dollar you deny a swollen and intrusive state is a small act of patriotism. All those dollars are spent more effectively in the stock market or on a new car or at the movies or on a vanity trip into outer space. TurboTax, and other similar prep programs, help consumers take advantage a complex tax code so they can pay the Treasury Department as little as possible. Once the government takes charge of both withholdings and the paperwork, as [Binyamin] Appelbaum desires — and, as many other nations already do — workers will almost surely be paying the maximum. Worse, if the IRS takes over filing preparations, it would be far too easy to pay taxes.” (07/20/21)