Bill to further crater US economy with insane spending imperiled as GOP threatens filibuster

Source: KATV 7 News

“The bipartisan infrastructure deal senators brokered with President Joe Biden is hanging precariously ahead of a crucial Wednesday test vote as senators struggle over how to pay for nearly $1 trillion in public works spending. Tensions were rising Tuesday as Republicans prepared to block the vote, mounting a filibuster over what they see as a rushed and misguided process. With Biden preparing to hit the road to rally support for his big infrastructure ideas (including some $3.5 trillion in a follow up bill) restless Democrats say it’s time to at least start debate on this first phase of his proposals. ‘It is not a fish or cut bait moment,’ said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., describing the procedural vote as just a first step to ‘get the ball rolling,’ though Republicans say he is now downplaying the significance.” (07/20/21)