What Radical Black Women Can Teach Us All About Movement-Building

Source: In These Times
by Keisha N Blain, Premilla Nadasen & Robyn C Spencer

“The Movement for Black Lives is noteworthy for a leadership that is overwhelmingly women (both cis and trans). Although not always recognized, [b]lack women’s organizing, insights and analysis have long been an engine of [b]lack freedom movements. That is no accident: As the Combahee River Collective, a collective of [b]lack feminist socialists, write in their groundbreaking 1977 statement, ‘We believe that the most profound and potentially most radical politics come directly out of our own identity.’ They saw the particular task of [b]lack feminists as ​’the development of integrated analysis and practice based upon the fact that the major systems of oppression are interlocking.'” (07/20/21)