DuckDuckGo launches new Email Protection service to remove trackers

Source: The Verge

“DuckDuckGo is launching a new email privacy service meant to stop ad companies from spying on your inbox. The company’s new Email Protection feature gives users a free ‘’ email address, which will forward emails to your regular inbox after analyzing their contents for trackers and stripping any away. DuckDuckGo is also extending this feature with unique, disposable forwarding addresses, which can be generated easily in DuckDuckGo’s mobile browser or through desktop browser extensions. … The feature is launching in a beta test, and DuckDuckGo is still exploring how it will function in the real world. The company is also working on a privacy-focused desktop browser, which it expects to finish by the end of 2021, part of a broader push to offer privacy-focused alternatives for every major activity online.” (07/20/21)