Not-so-new feudalism

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Although not so precisely stated, the fundamental principle of feudalism as practiced in the Dark Ages in much of Europe — and in Japan — is pretty well understood. ‘You swear to follow, obey, and be a loyal supporter to me, and I and my superiors will protect you and your family and followers from anyone else who would kill, rape, rob, enslave, or otherwise attack you.’ … Supposedly we here in the Fifty States — and supposedly the ‘developed world’ — have abandoned and rejected that concept of life and society. … But those enemies of liberty who seek to keep and increase their wealth and power over others have really never abandoned that basic idea of feudalism: supposed mutual obligations between two persons — and their families (past, present and future) and followers — who are unequal in stature, status, and power.” (07/19/21)