How a Danish Company Grabbed Control of the Monkeypox Vaccine

Source: The American Prospect
by Zain Rizvi

“As the monkeypox outbreak appears to slow in the U.S., countries around the world are still waiting to get access to the vaccine, called Jynneos. African countries where monkeypox is endemic, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, have no doses, despite recording multiple deaths. All of Latin America is expected to get just 100,000 doses this year. One small Danish corporation, Bavarian Nordic, controls global supply of Jynneos. That control gives it the power to shape the global response. For instance, after the Biden administration announced a plan to stretch supply of Jynneos by splitting doses, the head of Bavarian Nordic reportedly threatened to cancel U.S. orders. ‘People are begging for monkeypox vaccines, and we’ve just pissed off the one manufacturer,’ one U.S. official told The Washington Post.” (09/22/22)