Venezuela: US fugitive “Fat Leonard” arrested

Source: The Hill

“Leonard Francis, better known as ‘Fat Leonard,’ has been arrested in Venezuela after he escaped from home confinement earlier this month while awaiting sentencing in connection to the biggest U.S. military corruption case in the last decade. Francis, a Malaysian former military contractor, pleaded guilty in 2015 to charges of bribing U.S. Navy officials as part of a $35 million bribery scandal. He …. allegedly cut off his GPS monitor and left on Sept. 4. Francis arrived in Venezuela from Mexico and planned to make a stop in Cuba before going to Russia, Venezuela’s Interpol Chief Carlos Garate Rondon said in an Instagram post Wednesday. Rondon said Francis was arrested at Simon Bolivar International Airport in the city of Maiquetia as he was about to leave the country and will be turned over to Venezuela’s judicial authorities to start extradition proceedings.” (09/22/22)