Dog bites man: DeSantis’s immigrant trafficking stunt was also kickback to GOP donor

Source: The Intercept

“When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis set out on his stunt to highlight liberal hypocrisy last week, he contracted with Vertol Systems, Inc., to pull it off. For $615,000, the aviation firm founded in Oregon agreed to fly 48 Venezuelan migrants from the San Antonio, Texas, area to the chic Massachusetts vacation destination of Martha’s Vineyard, where they were left to fend for themselves. It was a political win-win for DeSantis: In Florida, Vertol and its president have contributed exclusively to Republican causes, including to the Florida legislature’s appropriations chief, his DeSantis transportation-appointee father, and the state Republican party, according to campaign finance records reviewed by The Intercept. … Florida records show that the state Department of Transportation paid Vertol an additional $950,000 for two more projects related to the ‘relocation program of authorized aliens’ bringing their total under the program to $1,565,000.” (09/21/22)