TX Gov Gives Sanctuary Cities a Dose of Reality

Source: Washington Times
by David Keene

“Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser along with her counterparts in Chicago and New York has a problem and his name is Greg Abbott. Texas has been overwhelmed as U.S. border officials release as many as 100,000 illegal [sic] migrants a month into the states that border Mexico. Early this summer Mr. Abbott began to bus not all but a small percentage of President Joe Biden’s illegal [sic] immigration wave to self-declared ‘sanctuary cities’ like Chicago, New York and Washington, DC. These cities and the progressives who run them have declared they welcome ‘migrants,’ legal or ‘undocumented,’ and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials. They, however, seem less enthusiastic when faced with the arrival of the ‘migrants’ they have vowed to protect. ” (09/21/22)