Australia: Dozens of pilot whales feared dead in mass stranding

Source: Radio France Internationale [French state media]

“A rorqual — a species of baleen whale — refloated off the western French coast on Tuesday has returned to shallow water and is once again in difficulty.This as a pod of about 230 pilot whales was found stranded on the rugged west coast of Tasmania on Wednesday. Australian wildlife officials say only half of the stranded mammals appeared to be alive. Aerial images show dozens of whales strewn at the waterline on a long beach near Macquarie Harbour. Locals covered survivors with blankets and doused them with buckets of water in an effort to keep them alive. Other whales nearby tried to struggle back towards deeper water, and yet other[s] lay dead. … Two years ago, Macquarie Harbour was the scene of the country’s largest-ever mass stranding, involving almost 500 pilot whales.” (09/21/22)