Hong Kong: Beijing quisling cops arrest man who played harmonica at Queen’s vigil on suspicion of sedition

Source: CNN

“A man was arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of sedition after playing the harmonica at a vigil for Queen Elizabeth II, under a colonial-era law that once outlawed insulting the Queen — and has now been revived by authorities amid an ongoing crackdown. Videos posted to social media show hundreds of people gathering outside the city’s British consulate on Monday night to pay tribute to the Queen, as her funeral took place in London …. One video shows a man playing on his harmonica the tune ‘Glory to Hong Kong,’ a protest anthem created during the depths of the pro-democracy, anti-government protests that rocked the city in 2019. … crowds waved iPhone flashlights in the dark and sang along to the harmonica, some starting a chant that has also become synonymous with the protests: ‘Hong Kong, add oil.’ Photos then show police officers arriving and escorting the man into their van.” (09/21/22)