Why the 2022 elections probably won’t change things in the states

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Once again we are constantly told by pundits of all flavors that this upcoming election is critical to the future of the nation. With less than six weeks to go, our mailboxes are filled with political junk mail, the radio waves with sleazy and accusing adverts (and presumably so is television but we here at TPOL don’t watch the thing much), and media is harvesting all that lovely green stuff. We see this every two years, of course. We get used to it. But really, will the elections in the various States really have any impact, any potential for improving (let along fixing) the many problems facing Americans (and the world)? Past ‘critical’ elections — often billed as ‘the most important in our history’ — show that is very, VERY unlikely.” (09/20/22)