Renewed Iran Nuclear Deal on Life Support

Source: The American Prospect
by Robert Hitt

“It looks like the opponents of the Iran nuclear deal are close to killing the agreement for good, which would put an end to over two decades of hard-nosed negotiations over Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Despite surprising initial openness to rejoin the deal from the hard-liner Iranian regime elected last year, recent overtures by European negotiators have been met with what Secretary of State Antony Blinken described as a ‘step backward’ from the Iranian side. No mutually satisfactory agreement will be reached prior to the American midterm elections, if at all. The closer Iran gets to achieving the capability to launch a nuclear weapon, the more likely war becomes. In a recent trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia, President Biden affirmed that he would use force ‘as a last resort’ to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.” (09/20/22)