Why Kids Today Don’t Understand Free Markets

Source: American Consequences
by PJ O’Rourke

“Now by ‘kids,’ I don’t mean very little kids. Every toddler has a firm understanding of property rights and private enterprise. Indeed, one of the first words spoken by toddlers is usually ‘Mine!’ The kids I’m referring to are defined by demographical experts as ‘Millennials’ … and ‘Generation Z’ …. Or (to give a less academic description of this age cohort): ‘Everybody who doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift.’ Of course, it’s a big fat over-generalization to say these kids don’t understand free markets. Some of the more open-eyed and entrepreneurial do. Just as some savvy youngsters can take Dad’s restored Corvette on a date and not come home needing a transmission rebuild and a clutch replacement. But what’s the use of a puny little over-generalization when it comes to writing an editorial?” (07/19/21)