Woke Wall Street is in for a reckoning

Source: Fox News
by US Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) & Evan Hafer

“There are two reasons socialism will never catch on in this country: Americans aren’t stupid and freedom can’t exist without free-market capitalism. Freedom means choices, which are the result of ideas competing for money. As people who have both built large, successful companies, we know that consumers reward entrepreneurs by buying their products and services and institutional financing flows to the winners. Business growth is based on equal access to capital markets. But in recent years, Wall Street elites have tried to replace this system of free-market capitalism with the socialist cult of ‘ESG’ (Environmental, Social and Governance).” [editor’s note: Why am I not surprised that Scott doesn’t mention his method of “building large, successful companies” — defrauding government programs? – TLK] (09/20/22)