Joe Biden Is a Moron and Scott Pelley Is No Better

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“Stop the presses, the President of the United States gave an interview! That, in and of itself, shouldn’t be newsworthy, but when you’re dealing with an insulated moron who hasn’t given an interview in the gestation period of a human being it is a bit of news. And when that interview is with the vaunted 60 Minutes, it is important. Or at least it used to be. Much like Meet the Press dined out for years on the job Tim Russert did: getting credit for being a place for ‘tough’ interviews based on his reputation while subsequent hosts slobbered all over Democrats and got into interrupting matches with Republicans until Chuck Todd simply killed the brand; 60 Minutes as a journalistic outfit lives only in the memories of people who no longer watch it. It’s pathetic.” (09/20/22)