GA: Footage shows disgraced former president’s allies handling voting equipment

Source: The Hill

“New footage shows a forensics team working for allies of former President Trump spent hours handling voting equipment in a Georgia county elections office on Jan. 7, 2021, two months after the 2020 presidential election and the day after riots at the U.S. Capitol over the results. … The footage reportedly also shows former Georgia GOP official Cathy Latham spent more than four hours at the elections office during the contractors’ visit. The videos of Latham in the office, interacting with the forensics team, contradict her prior sworn testimony that she had stopped by the building but not gone into the office, according to the reports. Latham was a ‘fake elector’ in 2020, one of a handful of state Republicans who signed a certificate shortly after the 2020 election falsely asserting that then-candidate Trump had won Georgia.” (09/20/22)