The War on Drugs Is a War on People Like Me

Source: Our Future
by Alfrieda Hylton

“The War on Drugs has been with us for more than fifty years, and hasn’t been a war on drugs at all. It’s been a war on people: people like me, and my family. Black people. The part where it was supposed to decrease drug use? That part failed. I live in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In the nineties, my two older sons were driven from their jobs and families and pushed into the federal prison system for marijuana possession. This was at the peak of the drug war, and both were punished with the harshest possible sentences. My sons served their time, but when they first came home, they were offered no jobs, no housing, and no compassion. With no other way to make a living, both ended up arrested again for the same reasons and even harsher sentences.” (07/16/21)