How Democrats Can Turn the Tables on DeSantis

Source: The Atlantic
by Ross Barkan

“The idea is simple: Make the Democrats deal with the border crisis and prove they’re all hypocrites, human rights be damned. As a matter of optics, it’s not yet clear who has emerged ahead. Martha’s Vineyard, rather than the large cities, captured the public imagination in the past week. Indeed, the crisis didn’t become a crisis until DeSantis picked as a destination an island retreat for the ultra-wealthy. In that sense, Democrats did fall for the immoral stunt. But the Democrats have an opportunity here. Rather than lament yet another disingenuous culture war that Republicans are thirsty to wage, Democrats of all ideological stripes should use this moment to celebrate the very places that could become permanent homes for migrants fleeing violence and economic calamity. … political leaders who care about immigrants should declare, affirmatively and loudly, Yes, send them here.” (09/19/22)